Plant Based 101 is a virtual class: Sept 16-Nov 4, led by Kyia Hopkins, for those interested in learning about how to implement a more plant-based vegan lifestyle in their home and food. If you've been wondering  "where" and "how" to start, this is for you. Plant Based 101 provides practical iformation in an introductory way. And here's the cool thing, all you need is your phone or computer.


Every Monday, and Mondays only, for the duration of our course, you will receive course content. In total, you will receive (4) informative documents (think: recipes, need-to-know info, what I eat in a day, etc), and (3) mp3 audio teachings. Our last Monday: Nov 4 will be a LIVE Q&A dial-in group call.


Why I became vegan, debunking vegan myths, developing your why, a strong plant based foundation, greenwashing, marketing strategies of the food + beauty industry, reading labels + ingredients (food + home), organic vs local, frozen vs fresh, DIY household cleaners, how to detoxify your home, becoming an educated consumer, raising a vegan baby, easy vegan recipes, live Q&A session

PAYMENT: $32.99/month

Option #1: 1st Payment due at registration. 2nd Payment due Oct 11

Option #2: Pay full amount at registration and receive 15% off