About HUSH!

HUSH!'s mission is to create an authentic space that revives women, redefines sisterhood, and ignites freedom. We come together for inspiration, encouragement, and direction. We laugh. We cry. Then, we laugh again. Not to brag, but we know how to have a pretty good time. We love living life and being real, like really REAL. We share our challenges and victories, hoping that we can help another woman with our story. We want every woman to know she is not alone, she has a community of amazing women pushing her on. It's a culture we are creating.

Real Women.

Real Victories.

Real Sisters.

Our Events

+ E V E R Y   Y E A R: We host our annual HUSH! event. Some call it a life-changing conference, others would describe it as the "the perfect escape," and many would say it was EVERYTHING they needed. Imagine a room full of women, ranging from18 years old to upper 60's, gathered together for one purpose: to reconnect, refresh, and refocus. As soon as you enter the room, you feel loved and important by our team. We LOVE love and we ensure you feel it by putting our personal touches on everything we do. We start our events off by laughing our heads off with games, activities, random dance breaks, karaoke and anything else we need to escape from "life" and enter into a place of joy and peace. We have modeled our annual HUSH! event like an "elevated childhood sleepover, but for adults" - of course we aren't sleeping over, but the elements of a sleepover is what we love: the sisterhood, fun silly games, the stories, the bond that is created. Throughout our event, we talk about it ALL - It's truly girl-talk, well women talk.  At our last HUSH! we talked about rejection, who you are vs. what you do, isolation, depression, being a creative, discipline and wisdom, responsibility vs. recompense, how to take time for you, and so much more. You will NOT leave our event the same. All of our attendees leave saying, " I needed this."


HUSH! was so much more than I could have ever prepared myself for! A room filled with REAL women willing to open themselves up, be vulnerable and transparent with each other, praising God together, connecting on crazy levels, supporting and loving each other! What a spiritual cleansing, affirmation, and confirmation from God. I can't even put into words how AMAZING HUSH! was!

- Camille, 27

HUSH! is what I needed at this time

in my life! When you can connect to women

of all ages, get them on one accord, go beyond the mask and speak healing to the hurt, depression, rejection, disappointments of life, low self esteem, self doubt, and all of the ugly we as women try to hide...then you are truly a blessing to God's Kingdom.

I am grateful for the connection to all of the beautiful ladies I've met today...

- Kayaswanna, 41

The HUSH! team and love of sisterhood changed a lot of lives, including myself. Most of us came into your conference limping, bleeding, and wounded.  But you created an atmosphere conducive for healing, wholeness, and strength. As women we have a lot of hush situations, but we continue to go on with life...We often wonder does anyone even see, but I thank God you guys see it and created a safe place for us....Words cannot express what you guys mean to me and what you did for me. You have showed us how to take tragedy and turn it into triumph.

- Kisha, 41


The thought of this HUSH! came during a very challenging and transitional season (April 2017) within my life. My husband and I were expecting our first child and then the unfortunate happened - we had a miscarriage. I was 23 years old. That was our first pregnancy. We never thought we would experience such tragedy. As we were going through our process, I began to feel so purpose-less. I felt like every bit of creativity left me during that time which resulted in a little depression. I felt lost. It was hard. I didn't feel like me - because I didn't feel like I could create. I had to understand, that I am more than what I do or can produce. It wasn't until I changed my perspective - by sharing my story with those around me and publicly on Facebook LIVE that I realized how freeing that was. So many people began to share their stories with me - complete strangers, it was beautiful.  I knew something had to be done. I began to pray about "What's Next?" for me. BOOM, the idea for HUSH! came so clearly. I wanted to host an event that talks about the REAL issues - the REAL topics. Who knew HUSH! would have evolved into a community of women who believe in sisterhood as much as I do? It's beautiful. HUSH! is growing and it's more than an event, it's a culture we are creating. A genuine sisterhood during the valley and mountain experiences in life. We are changing the culture one woman at time.

- xoxo, Kyia Hopkins

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