Passion not only lives within me, it makes me come alive. It fulfills my very existence.

It is God's gift to us. Not only am I passionate, but I am a master executor.

My passion provokes action. I know why I am here:

to provoke and activate amazing people like you into action.

I was created to bring revival.

I am a fire starter

Kyia Hopkins

Kyia Hopkins, a 25-year old passionate entrepreneur, understands that God has gifted her with a “coaching personality” to teach and train others to live life with full purpose and passion. With her raw energy and charismatic style, she knows she was put on this earth to be a Fire starter for her generation and her continual efforts has proven that to be true. Kyia started working in ministry and business at the tender age of 14 years old and to date is best known for her business, youth ministry, theater, and style related projects. She is constantly working on events and projects to help, encourage, and inspire her generation and generations to come. It is impossible to sit amongst Kyia and not get motivated to live with extreme passion.

Kyia began writing and directing her own stage plays at the age of 15 years old. Her stage plays premiered at The Henrico Theatre in Richmond, Virginia and received several requests to appear in churches and events in the Virginia area. Hopkins has received recognition on local news station, newspapers, and letters from city leaders for her stage plays. To date, Kyia has written/directed 5 stage plays. Among her other commitments, she plans to produce a stage play every other year. Because of her success in play writing, Hopkins has mentored several local playwrights in workshops as well as one-on-one training sessions to walk them through the writing, directing, and producing process.

Her intentional involvement with the community at a young age caused many opportunities to open, which have included an overflowing amount of speaking engagements at local high schools, organizations, and churches; as well as hosting youth conferences, teaching workshops for women, and so much more. Her recent community efforts include a city-wide pop-up event she hosted called, RVA Peace Gathering, in November of 2016 to instill faith, hope, and love within her hometown, Richmond, Virginia. Kyia was moved by the state of people on social media and within her community after the election, she knew something had to be done. Kyia wanted to get back to the basics: prayer and unity. This gathering received great feedback and featured a panel of pastors, city leaders, and teachers sharing their thoughts on how the community could cross demographic barriers. This event was covered by Channel 8 News as well as CBS 6. Kyia also received a letter from the Lieutenant Governor congratulating her on bringing the city together.


To Kyia, it is simple; she wants to inspire, mentor, and train. She is a multi-gifted young lady who desires to utilize every gift that she has to set the world on fire. To date Kyia has released two books, entitled, Walking By Faith – Surrounded By Favor (2013), an easy 62-day devotional book to provide encouragement through every journey in life and Get It Done..NOW! (2017), a practical step-by-step guide to help amazing people turn their amazing ideas into action. In 2013, Kyia began hosting free impartation sessions for women in to help train and motivate in topics such as: entrepreneurship, ministry, execution strategies, and so much more. These small group events caused Kyia to become bombarded, in a good way, with amazing women who wanted more. Now, Kyia offers one-on-one creative consulting to clients who need help executing their ideas in leadership, creativity, passion development, entrepreneurship, event/project management, marketing, and much more. Her clients range from pastors and ministry leaders to local entrepreneurs and creatives.

Because Kyia was so young when she started building her career, inspiring her generation has always been her heartbeat. She believes everyone has the ability to thrive in a positive community, and she sets her life to create that for those around her. Kyia will live the rest of her life coaching and training her generation. It is Kyia’s desire to see every teen and young adult living in their full God-given purpose.

​Along with helping teens, Kyia has recently birthed a new project, HUSH! to help cultivate sisterhood among women of all ages. This project was birthed after Kyia had a miscarriage in April of 2017. She left that situation feeling hopeless and lost. It was in that state, she knew something had to be done. She wanted to create a community for women to be open, real, and honest about the mountains and valleys in life. HUSH! is a fun environment filled with laughter, fun, inspiration, and realness. HUSH! is modeled just like The Generation of Now, however it will focus on women - hosting annual conferences as well as quarterly hang out events. HUSH! just hosted its’ first pop-up conference on May 27, 2017.

Kyia is happily married to Derrick Hopkins and they both currently reside with their daughter in Richmond, Virginia. Her husband is extremely supportive of her career and ministry. She has traveled on seven mission trips, four of which were to Brazil through her church - Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries under the leadership of Bishop Daniel Robertson, Jr. and Co-Pastor Elena Robertson in Chesterfield, Virginia.

From the Press + Special Acknowledgements

Ralph S. Northam, Lieutenant Governor (Dec 2016) - Letter

“I am always so inspired by young leaders like you who work to bring people together in order to make our communities a better place. Your involvement proves that young people are future leaders, you are leaders today...”



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“God, People, and Impact. Those are the three things that get Ms. Hobson [maiden name] out of bed in the morning. This super spontaneous, full-time college student, and dedicated entrepreneur is always on the go. She is motivated y her zeal for God and her passion for people. Plainly put Ms. Hobson [maiden name] is a mini-mogul ready to take the world by storm.”